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We have been making some of the best Horse Walkers in the US for over 37 years now. We offer true variable speed controllers, forward and reverse, emergency leadshank releases, lifetime chassis warranties, heavy duty motors, heavy duty gear boxes, and NO ELECTICIANS NEEDED to install. We keep parts in inventory for every walker we have made since 1984. Call/Text us today at 817-705-1969.

Our ProWalk Walkers are a family owned and operated business right here in Ada, Oklahoma.

We offer financing and leasing programs that can fit almost anyones needs. *With approved Credit

Leadshank Hot Walkers or Freestyle Walkers available now starting as low as $6,895 plus shipping.

We ship to anywhere in the United States!!!!

Call us today or visit our website at


When it comes to Horse Walkers, people tend to look at three areas the most. Cost, quality, and reliability. Rarely will you ever find something that is the least expensive, made of the best quality, and the most reliable ever. We aren't the least expensive, but we are very competitive. However, in regards to quality and reliability, no other walker in the world compares.

My father started this company in 1983, he has sold over 85,000 walkers. Most every walker is still in use at this exact time. This is why we keep parts in inventory for every walker that we have made since 1984. Just some food for thought, I do wish you all the best when looking for a new horse walker, but please always feel comfortable asking us any questions....even if it isn't about our walker and it's another manufacturer. We want to help you make the best decision. Have a blessed day and thank you for replying. -Kim


ADA, OK 74820



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